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At Spraytech Marine, our boat painters are the number one choice across Brisbane and the Gold Coast for boat painting, refinishing, and repairing services for personal and commercial vessels. We utilise the highest quality spray painting products and a rigorous level of attention-to-detail to provide the very best boat painting services for our customers every time.

As the Gold Coast’s premier luxury boat painters, refinishing and spray painting team, we
have years of experience in working on a comprehensive range of transport.

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High-Quality Painting Services for Every Vessel

Our committed team of boat spray painters on the Gold Coast have been proudly delivering the highest quality work since 2012. Before carrying out our work, we assess every inch of your vessel to ensure thorough preparation and proper execution of all its necessary repairs, detailing, or painting services.

No matter how big or small the job may be, you can rest assured your boat is in safe hands with Spraytech Marine. Our painters have years of industry experience and are capable of working on a comprehensive range of transports, including:

  • Cabin cruisers
  • Speedboats
  • Other vessels, including cars and personal aircraft
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Our Marine Spray Paint Technology

We are committed to providing the finest boat spray painting across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We have built a reputation for providing high-end, professional painting and repair services for all kinds of boats, from personal cruisers and speedboats to commercial trawlers and super yachts.

By matching the finest boat painters on the Gold Coast with the best quality materials available, we are able to promise incredible attention-to-detail and deliver outstanding results every time.

Our boat painting services guarantees the use of first-class equipment from leading professional developers, helping us to complete repairs and resprays to the highest standard of precision.

Whether you come to us for your boat refinishing, detailing, respraying, or repairing, our team will be happy to talk you through the techniques we use to emulate perfection. During this stage, you’ll get a glimpse at how Spraytech Marine works to reinvigorate aquatic transport with our exceptional resprays and repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our boat painting services? Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions below, or head over to our contact page to chat to us about any further enquiries you may have.

Getting your boat back in the water after painting can be a bit of a balancing act. Reentering the water too soon can cause issues if the paint hasn’t fully dried, but leaving it too late can cause certain coatings, such as antifouling, to become ineffective.

Most boats can typically reenter the water 1-3 days after painting depending on the type of work completed, the paint application, and how many coats have been applied. To ensure the best results, our team can advise you on when to place your boat back in the water once we have completed your paint job.

Well-executed antifouling and paint jobs below the waterline should last between 1-3 years, and professional paint jobs above the waterline can be expected to last for around 10-20 years. However, when it comes to how long you can expect your new boat paint to last, there are a few different aspects to consider, such as:

  • Whether the paint job was above or below the waterline
  • The calibre of the paint used
  • The quality of the application
  • How the boat is stored when it’s not in use
  • How much sun the boat’s paint is exposed to
  • The level of maintenance the boat receives

The price of boat painting differs depending on numerous factors, including the type of paint job you require and the size of the boat being painted. To find out exactly how much your marine project will cost you, you can reach out to our boat painters today to request a no-obligation quote.

Painting your boat and maintaining its upkeep costs both time and money, but it is also a worthy expense for a number of reasons. The benefits of investing in a professional repaint include:

  • Preserving the look of your vessel
  • Maintaining your boat’s value
  • Making it easier to clean your boat
  • Preventing UV damage, corrosion, and rot
  • Protecting the bottom of your vessel from fouling
  • Increasing your boat’s lifespan
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For any enquiries regarding our boat painting services, please feel free to contact our team either by calling 0410 150 017 or by filling out the enquiry form below.

No matter what kind of boat you own or how complex your requirements may be, you can count on Spraytech Marine to provide the quality you need. Reach out to our team today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss the very best solutions for your marine project.