Premium luxury boat & superyacht antifouling on the Gold Coast

Spraytech Marine is southeast Queensland’s premium providing luxury boat and superyacht refinishing and repairs. Our highly skilled, experienced and professional team utilise the most advanced technology and work to the highest industry standards to ensure your luxury craft looks absolutely stunning and is running at full capacity.

We proudly provide a luxury vessel antifouling service that ensures protection from unwanted marine growth. A boat’s underside is susceptible to playing host to a huge range of marine life, including algae, slime, seaweed, barnacles, mussels and more, so it is vital that a craft is protected from such unwanted guests.

Spraytech Marine provides the vessel underside with a protective paint layer that ensures marine growth is unable to  attach itself to the craft. Your vessel is important to the Spraytech Marine professionals, and we work hard to ensure its hygiene, health and aesthetic.

Experts in Gold Coast antifouling

Spraytech Marine has provided southeast Queensland’s luxury boat owners with services for many years now, and so it should come as no surprise we offer the vital service for the aesthetic and health of your craft.

Using the highest quality protective coating, our service has earned a reputation for keeping luxury craft safe from the unwanted nasties that lie beneath the sea. We will happily talk you through the protective coating process, as well as keep you updated with the progress of the coating so that you know when you can get your vessel back to enjoy it on the open sea. 

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If you think this service is something your luxury craft could seriously benefit from, feel free to contact the Spraytech Marine experts. We care about the health and aesthetic of your luxury boat or superyacht, and will be happy to discuss our service and how it will protect your vessel for years to come. 

Call the Spraytech Marine team on 0410 150 017 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible and with all the information you need regarding your vessel’s protective coating.