High Quality 2Pac Spraypainting

Spraytech Marine PTY LTD are professional Spray Painters who have may years experience in the industry. Our 2pac is of a high quality and works extremeley well on any project we have at hand. Using 2pac gives a beautifully finished protective coating which is tough, UV & abrasion resistant.

Spraytech Marine PTY LTD are experts in detailing!

Boats are subjected to harsh conditions that, over time, dull fiberglass, dim the shine of metals and fade paint. Winter storage is particularly unkind to boats sitting sadly neglected for several months. Boats in southern climates endure tropical exposures that age their appearance faster so, either north or south springtime clean up demands some powerful cleaning aids.

Fairing and Repairs

Spraytech Marine PTY LTD can Antifoul your Boat!

Your boat is never much fun, especially in winter, but it remains a job well worth attending to and the rewards are significant.

Apart from looking unsightly, heavy fouling will slow your boat down and increase fuel consumption by up to 10% in some cases. Excessive fouling will make the handling less responsive and your boat will be more difficult to manoeuvre in close quarters situations. If left unattended, the longer-term effects of hull fouling can result in extremely expensive repair bills.


Spraytech Marine PTY LTD are providing boat owners with the knowledge to make high-quality cosmetic and structural fiberglass boat repairs. Everyone who has enjoyed owning or using a fiberglass boat has eventually been victimized by damage to their prized watercraft. This damage can be simple “trailer rash” like small scratches and dings or major structural problems resulting from impact or core wood rot. Spraytech Marine can repair it for project for you!



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